Information & Trial Day

On November 5, 2021 we will be holding our Information and Trial Day.

The day will start at 5.30pm for a group warm up and events will commence at 5.45pm

This day is open for all new athletes to come and give athletics a go and see what EMLAC has to offer.

Athletes will rotate around a 4-5 event program in their age groups on the day. Each event will run for approximately 20 minutes or so and athletes will move on to the next event when they hear the bell ring.

Whilst this is not a normal program that EMLAC runs when competition starts, it does give new athletes a change to have a go at the events, understand fundamental skills and have some fun with friends.

Results on this day will not be recorded in the EMLAC system however, athletes have the option to record their own results.

Parents or guardians who will be attending must register their attendance for the day via our online form on our website home page.


  • All adults, including those 16 years and above in attendance, are required to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and show proof of vaccination (or proof of medical exemption) in order to attend competition & training.

  • Unvaccinated children 15 years and under, and people who have been issued with a medical contraindication certificate compliant with the Public Health Order, are entitled to attend competition & training.

  • The CSO, Centre administrators and venue managers will manage the use of the facilities.

  • Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising children at sanctioned competition & training activities. The presence of parents/guardian is required for the safe conduct of sanctioned Little Athletics activities.

  • Only Competitive Members and Trial Athletes registered in the current season can attend.

  • Unregistered athletes cannot attend sanctioned competition & training.

We ask that families keep the following in mind when attending/participating in Little Aths activities:

  • Centre Committees are volunteers and they will be doing their level best to implement and comply with the vaccination directions, on top of the many other responsibilities they have to tackle.

  • Any abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. It’s a breach of the LAVic Code of Conduct, and may also be referred to the police to resolve.

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