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Trial Day

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

On October 9, 2022 we will be holding our Information and Trial Day.

The day will start at 5:00pm for a group warm up and events will commence at 5.45pm.

This day is open for all new athletes to come and give athletics a go and see what EMLAC has to offer.

All athletes who are attending this day MUST register as a TRIAL ATHLETE via the Little Athletics Victoria website. This will allow the athlete 2 free weeks to trail athletics before financially committing. Once their 2 weeks is over, the athlete must be fully registered as a financial member to continue.

PLEASE NOTE: Our registration portal for full membership isn't open yet due to the affiliation process - please keep an eye on our Facebook for when it is.

Athletes will rotate around a 4 event program in their age groups on the day. Each event will run for approximately 20 minutes or so and athletes will move on to the next event when they hear the bell ring.

Whilst this is not a normal program that EMLAC runs when competition starts, it does give new athletes a change to have a go at the events, understand fundamental skills and have some fun with friends. The program is modified simply to allow for the light and get through everything before it gets dark.

Results on this day will not be recorded in the EMLAC system however, athletes have the option to record their own results.

We ask that families keep the following in mind when attending/participating in Little Aths activities:

  • Centre committee members are volunteers and helpers are volunteers.

  • Any abusive behavior will not be tolerated. It’s a breach of the LAVic Code of Conduct, and may also be referred to the police to resolve.

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