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As schools run an athletics program in  their sports curriculum, we understand that many may not know the rules and regulations that come with School Sports Victoria. It is infact stated that athletics is the one sport most schools know the least about.

As a centre, we have some very knowledgeable people on our committee who are around these rules and regulations regularly from LAVic, Athletics Victoria (AV) and School Sports Victoria (SSV).

We are able to offer schools assistance not only with equipment and venue hire, but also general officiating and event rules. If your school would like to upskill your teachers in officiating when it come to school athletics - we are able to provide assistance by way of an officiating day where we run through the general SSV rules and how to officiate correctly, to give the students the best chance at progressing and being competition ready for the next level and the expectations that level brings.

We would love to see schools reach out and take on board the advice and knowledge we have to offer. Our committee consists of Level 2 athletic coaches and officiators, as well as many of our members still competing them selves through Athletics Victoria.

If this is something your school is interested in, please touch base with us to organise or find out more information.

Alternatively if you wish to hire our equipement for your school sports event head to our hire page HERE.

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