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Little Athletics develops children of ALL abilities, providing a warm and inclusive environment for all young people to be their best.

There are no specific disability Little Athletics Centres, as the activities and events are designed to be inclusive and adaptable to all.

We aim to provide an inclusive environment in which barriers to involvement are removed and all people with a disability feel welcome and comfortable to participate.

Athletes with a disability will often be fully integrated into the standard program. Discuss with us our program and facilities and whether modifications may need to or can be made to suit the requirements of your child.


Multi-Class Athletes

Each disability group has a set of minimal disability criteria that an athlete must meet in order to be eligible to compete as an athlete with a disability.  Athletes must undergo specific Athlete Evaluation or Eligibility processes to obtain a classification.  Evaluation and Eligibility processes are outlined in the Athletics Australia Classification Policy and Procedures.  Athletes with a physical impairment who only intend on competing at a local and State level can apply for a ‘Provisional Classification’ at any time during the year. This is done by completing a form, visiting a physio to get a report, and submitting the paperwork to your State Senior Athletics body.  For other impairment types (hearing, intellectual, vision etc.), they will need to contact the relevant organisation that provides classifications for them.


Need further information on classification, see the links below OR take a look at the Athletics Australia website. Little Athletics NSW website also has a great deal of information for centres and athletes.

Classification Process for Physios, GPs and Specialists

Athletics State Level Classification for Athletes with a Physical Impairment

Pathways for athletes with a disability

Disability inclusion fact sheets

Classification (NSW information)

Multi Class Athletes (Para) NSW



Centre Level

At a local level, athletes with a disability can access regular activities at a Little Athletics Centre. Often an athlete with a disability will be totally integrated into the existing program without the need for modifications. Sometimes Little Athletics Centres will adapt activities (rules, equipment, etc.) to allow athletes with a disability to participate. The extent of the modifications will depend on the athlete’s level of impairment or disability. Some athletes may only require minor modifications, others may require extensive modifications to become involved. Modifications may also be made in view of phasing them out over time.

EMA will be providing training for multi class athletes this season if there is enough interest for it. Please contact us if you are interested in training for your athlete.


Regional & State Level

Most Little Athletics State members offer Multi-Class athlete specific events the Carnivals, Regional Championships, Summer/Winter Championships and State Championships.


Multi-Class athletes are eligible to compete in any of the able-bodied events being offered, and also have the option to compete in specific Multi-Class athlete events.  They may compete in a combination of both, but not the same event in both classes.  Specific Multi-Class events offered are the 100m, 400m & 800m, Long Jump, Discus & Shot Put.  All of these events are offered to specific classifications, with the exception of Long Jump and Discus which are not offered to wheelchair classified athletes.


At State Spring Carnivals, Regional, Winter and State Championships, Multi-Class athletes can nominate to compete in specific Multi-Class events being offered, or in any of the able bodied events.  For all other information relating to State Championship competitions for the Multi-Class events, you will need to contact your State office.


Classification for Para-Athletics:

Athletics Australia manages the National Classification Structure for Para-athletics and partners with four National Sports Organisations in delivering classification. In total there are five impairment groups recognised nationally. All athletes that appear on the Athletics Australia Classification Masterlist are able to compete in Little Athletics, School Sport and Athletics Australia Para-athletics.​


Firstly take some time to read all the information available if you are not familiar with classifications and Multi Class information. If you are interested in registering as a Multi Class athlete, you can do so by registering as a trial athlete and clicking on the athletes impariments in the registration via the LAVic website. As a trail athletes you will get a 2 week free trial for your athlete. Alternatively contact our Inclusion Officer with your interest and they will take you through the process on how it works and where to begin.

EMLAC Centre Contacts:


Leah Smith - 0458 504 744

Inclusion Officer:

Gavin Deller -

Or alternatively email the centre:


I am a Multi Class athlete, do I need to be classified to compete?

If you intend on just competing at a centre level, you not not need classification paperwork to compete, but we do ask for some clarification so we know what weights and rules apply to the athlete and their disability. However, if you intend on entering a carnival, regional or state LAVic event, you will need to have your classification completed prior to registering for the event.

How do I get classified?

You will need to fill out the apropriate forms as well as your GP, Physio or your medical care professional and submit them to Athletics Australia. Take a look at LAVic's Multi Class information on their website or the links above. Alternatively contact us for more information.

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