At the end of every season a number of awards and certificates are given to athletes to celebrate their season of little athletics. This ranges from sponsored awards to participation certificates. Below you will find the awards offered and their criteria. 

AGE GROUP PERSONAL BEST CHAMPION (New)  - Based on personal bests 

Age Champion is awarded to the athlete with the most points accumulated throughout the season in each boys and girls age group. A winner and a runner up is awarded and based on a points system. To be eligible for this award you must be a full financial member of EMLAC.

This award has changed a little this season with a focus on Personal Best achievements. EMLAC wanted to encourage even more the opportunity for athletes to try their best every week and better themselves. The aim is to make a more enjoyable season for the athletes regardless of the results.

Points System as follows:

1 point.........For each meet attended.

1 point.........For every event the athlete participates in.

1 point.........For each personal best result made by the athlete on competition day. 
This is greater than previous PB (not equal too and excludes athletes first PB of the season.  PB's from previous season not counted.)


At no point in the competition is 'coaching' an athlete to gain PB's every week tolerated. If this happens, the athlete runs the risk of all points being void and not eligible for Age Championship. The executive committee's decision on this is final.

Absentee Voucher:  each athlete is entitled to ONE 'Free Voucher' if the athlete is away sick, on holidays, school camp etc, and TWO 'Free Vouchers' for athletes who miss a centre meet day due to competing in an outside athletics competition such as a centre carnival that is run on the same day as our centre meet.

This voucher will entitle the athlete to 1 point for each event they missed that day. No points are awarded for a PB made outside our centre.


To redeem your voucher please fill in the Absentee Voucher form HERE. This voucher MUST be redeemed prior to the meet or 7 days post meet for points to validated.


The Junior and Senior Champion awards are awarded to the athlete who has the accumulated the most points  (from above criteria) in the overall junior section (U7 - U10) and senior section (U11 - U16).


All athletes who break a centre record throughout the season will be recognised and awarded a ribbon at the beginning of the next competition week .


The Riverine Herald Club Spirit Award is for athletes of all age groups. This award recognises not necessarily the best athlete but the athlete who best displays the qualities of sportsmanship, commitment, dedication and club spirit.

Selection criteria includes the player who both on and off the field:

  • Shows respect to all 

  • Interacts positively with team mates

  • Supports team mates 

  • Shows persistence, determination and commitment throughout the season.


This award has been developed to acknowledge the efforts of athletes who represent EMLAC away from our home centre at Jack Eddy Oval. The focus is still aimed to be on an athletes’ PB’s and their representation at away events, rather than the place they finished, as medals are awarded to place getters at these events.

The criteria includes:

  • Requirement of an athlete to notify by email, the EMLAC committee of their registration in away events such as Open Day Carnivals, Region and State Track and Field events. At least by the day prior to the first day of the event being held​. Email is to include athletes name, age group, what carnival they are attending and what events they are entered in.

  • Awarded to a Junior and Senior / Girl and Boy – 7-10yrs and 11-16yrs.

  • Competition representation & progression.


Points per event for results include:

  • 5. . . . Personal Best

  • 3. . . . Season Best 

  • 2. . . . Overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd, made a final 

  • 5. . . . Set Region / State / National record* 

Points for attending:

  • 2. . . . Centre Open Days 

  • 10. . . . Region

  • 20. . . .State 

  • 50. . . .National


All LAVic / LAAus sanctioned events only.
Athlete sportsmanship will also be considered.

Points are a component of the award, however, they are not the definitive factor on the athlete receiving the award.
The committee’s decision is final.
*Criteria for Region / State / National records as per LAVic & LAAus policy.