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Athletes are requested to be at the ground at 5:30pm on Friday nights. Athletes will warm up and then proceed to their age groups with their group chaperone/s and begin the first round of events on that days program.

whilst we have alternative programs for inclement weather, if a cancellation occurs our members will be notified via our Facebook page and text message as early as possible.


  • Please note that we take our little athletes protection and privacy very seriously. Please follow our Social Media Policy as governed by Little Athletics Australia.

  • It is our club policy that any athlete MUST be supervised at all times. If it is not possible for you to be in attendance with your children, you are required to arrange another adult to be responsible for them.
    DO NOT drop your child off without making prior arrangements for their care. Echuca Moama Little Athletics Centre will not be responsible for children left at the ground after the completion of the program, or unsupervised children during the morning’s competition.

  •  Uniform - It is up to you to ensure your athlete is in the approved EMLAC club uniform. This includes the compulsory club singlet, black shorts, appropriate footwear and your compulsory SUBWAY Patch. 

  • Misbehaviour - the committee has the discretion to disqualify any athlete who is behaving inappropriately from competing in an event/s. Athletes who consistently misbehave may be suspended from all activities by a Centre Executive.

  • Blood Rule - Children with blood on their body or clothing will be unable to participate in the activities of the Centre until the blood is removed. All open wounds must be covered immediately. The Centre doe have a first aid kit available if needed. Please find a committee member to assist you.

  • Sun Smart - EMLAC and LAVic have a Sun Protection policy and encourage you to follow it by wearing protective attire like wide brim hats and SPF30+ sunscreen.

Little Athletics Victoria & Echuca Moama Little Athletics expects all members to comply with the Code of Conduct. Appropriate action may be taken in the case of any breaches of the Code of Conduct. Little Athletics Victoria & Echuca Moama Little Athletics will ensure that all athletes, coaches, spectators, parents, officials and administrators are not prone to sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse or emotional abuse. They will ensure that all persons are included, protected and not discriminated against in any manner. Code of Conduct



Our centre is reliant solely on volunteers. Without our parent helpers, we cannot run as we simply do not have the man power. 


In the past this has been one of the biggest pain points of the sport. As a centre we need your help and would love all our members support on this. So please get involved, your children will love seeing you take part. Many hands make light work.


Officiating resources can be found here for further information on how to officiate an event. Training and help is also provided by our committee members and other trained helpers.

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