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To register as a senior athlete, there are two components:

  1. ALL ATHLETES need to be a member of Victorian Masters Athletics (VMA) for insurance purposes. For those over 30 years it is $10 in your first year. Those under 30 years need to register as an Associate Member ($10). Go to or hit the Masters button above and join from October 1, 2023.
    Select Echuca/Moama as your ‘team’.


  2. You will need to pay the club membership fee of $150 (for unlimited competitions – 15+ comps) to become a member for the 2023/24 season. If you want to be a casual member and can’t commit to the full season, you can pay a causal fee of $20 per person per meet. All casual members will still need to pay the Masters registration for insurance purposes.

Important Note:

The above memberships do not allow for athletes to compete in the AV championship events. Including AV States, State Combined, Vic Countries or Relay championships. However it does allow for participation in the AV Masters State Championship events. We are currently in the process of affiliation with Athletics Victoria however due to delays will not be ready in time for summer 2023/24.

The current VMA membership structure:

  • for new first year members it is $10, 

  • second year of membership is $20 

  • third and subsequent years is what ever the full rate is at the time. Currently it is $35.

  • Associate members rate is currently $10 per annum until they reach 30 and then move to the full subscription rate.


Our senior competition plan is to encourage everyone of all abilities who may be interested in giving athletics a go to come down and have some fun. It will be professional but also casual. There will be something for eveyone.

As this is our first year offering a senior athletics season, we are taking things slow and utilising the equipment we currently have. This does mean there  may be some events that we simply are not equipped to offer just at the moment. However, as the seasons progress we will be updating as we go and looking at option to introduce these events and accommodate as much as we can.


Our seniors will work similar to little athletics. There will follow the weekly program and the athlete can choose what they wish to participate in on the day. 

Again as we are new to seniors there will most likely be a few little changes here and there to make sure we are running the most efficiently we can.

Starting time will be approx 7:30pm. Athletes will be required to sign in prior to warm up. We will have our competition director get the meet started with any news and information and our group will then begin with their first event.

All members will be required to help and officiate the meets until our senior competition is more established.

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