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Our competition days are on Friday nights.

Athletes are requested to be at Jack Eddy Oval on Friday nights at 5.30pm for a warm up. Athletes will then proceed to their age groups with their group chaperone and begin the first round of events on that weeks program at 5.45pm. 

The On Track program is essentially an athletic skills development program that aims to provide children in the Under 6 age group with increased instruction, ample practice opportunities and ongoing motivation.

The program concentrates on teaching our younger athletes the fundamental motor skills of running, jumping, hopping and throwing in a non-competitive environment, whilst also focusing on active participation, learning and improving, having fun and experiencing excitement. By fostering friendships, decreasing the competition mindset and increasing prospects for learning, the program is able to deliver all the above essential aspects.

EMLAC run it's program for the U6 age group and some events for U7's where skill development is still a necessity, especially for safety.

On competition days, we encourage athletes from all age groups to abide by the rules and regulations of Little Athletics Victoria, and our centre general rules.

Athletes must wear their name and age group Subway patch attached to the front of their shirts on Saturdays. This is a requirement of LAVic , if you do not wear it your results will not be recorded. You will receive a Subway patch upon full registration. If you loose your subway patch throughout the season a replacement can be organised with Kath Head at the cost of a gold coin donation to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.


  • Centre programs commence at 5.45pm or 9.00am sharp after warm up and weekly announcements.

  • U6 athletes will participate in On Track skills within their program rotation.

  • U7 to U17 athletes will follow the set program.

  • Records are recognised on a centre competitions at Jack Eddie Oval Moama, but must be verified and signed off by a committee member to be valid.


In competition, athletes from U7-U17 may use a standing start in all track events.
If you are performing a crouching start and wearing spikes, you MUST use a starting block. If you are not wearing spikes you MAY use starting blocks, however it is not compulsory.

Please note: Only athletes in U11 up may wear spikes.


  • No food of any sort is allowed whilst taking part in events.

  • No Alcohol, smoking or swearing.

  • Children must not handle equipment unless competing or training with an official present.

  • The ground is to be left free of rubbish at the completions of the program.

  • Children must obey the rules and directions of officials at all times..

  • All members of EMLAC must abide by LAVic Code of Conduct policy

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