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This platforms is what is used to view your athletes results each week at your centre meets and most open days or carnivals (depending on if the particular centre is recording live results).


Go to
To access the results you will need to login using:
Username = email address you registered with
Password = username LAVic emailed to the primary user with the
registration email (if unsure or the parents have lost the
email with the username on it, just click on ‘forgot password’.

NB: Important user changes 2019 - All existing username/
password accounts in ResultsHQ are required to be migrated
to a Single User Account. Check out how to do this via the


If you are a first time user of ResultsHQ - to create a new account head to the Results HQ website, click on 'Having trouble logging in?' follow the prompts to reset your password and use your registration email. Follow the prompts to create a new account or migrate to a family account where you will be able to see all children in the family's results.

Also the website works best with Google Chrome.

Once logged in you can view and print your athletes results, look at personal bests and season bests and also compare results. If you have any issues please contact ResultsHQ.

For online Region and State competition results please follow link to the LAVic results page.

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