We Need Volunteers

In order for our season to run we heavily rely on parent volunteers. Whilst as a member, through your membership you do agree to be placed on a duty roster, there are a few specific areas we need help with.

If you are interested in any of the below positions, please fill out the from to register your interest. If you are able to help each week on any of the below, your family will not be put on the weekly event roster.

Help Needed

BBQ each week:

We are offering this to parents who may be interested in helping cook the BBQ each week for our members. Sometimes you may get a dad who loves to flip the snags. If you are interested please let us know.

Hurdle committee:

A group of volunteers who can moved and put heights up on the hurdles. Hurdles isn't ran every week, however would love a group of people who would like to help when we are running hurdles. This is to make the event run smoother and quicker.


We are in need of more starters this season. Even if it is to run the younger age groups. There will be courses available once LAVic release them, but in the mean time, training is available from our centre to get through the basics of starting a race.

Volunteer Help Form

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