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EMA Meet 2 - Week 2

Dont forget, parents how may want to have a run, jump or throw - our seniors aths will begin after littles. Everyone welcome. Be sure to registers with VIC Masters and our club fee options on our website.

Week 2 this week for our little athletes which is distance week!

This week we see an introduction to distance for our younger age groups as they do a 300m.


U12 - 17 We will also see 5 events this week for our older groups to cover the horizontal jumps that they missed out on last week. Due to this we are asking our older groups (U12-17) to please start their high jump at 5:30pm sharp.

Please come earlier if you like to warm up or alternatively warm up at the event, either way this is a strict start time in order to get through the events.

We now have another high jump mat that will be delivered tomorrow, so there will be a Fosby mat for each boy and girl groups.

Please meet with Kate Downward at 5:25pm at the mats for a quick briefing on the starting heights for athletes and age group manages/parent helpers.


Thank you all once again for your participation, patients and help last week. The first few weeks of aths is always a little hectic until we settle into our weekly programs.

Our On Trackers (U6) this week will be with coach Phil Powderly. These little legends will continue to do fundamental skill-based activities for another week or so and then they will start to implement their skills in actual events on the small track as well as throws and jumps. Then after Christmas they will join the other age groups on the bigger track. We want our youngest athletes to learn the fundamental skills and techniques of running, jumping and throwing before they step onto the big stage and this is why we follow the LAVic On Trackers Fundamental Skills guide with all our programs.

Our BBQ and canteen will be open, if there is anyone out there how can lend a hand to help cook please meet us at the BBQ!


We will see our trial members again this week. Please remember to wear your paper patch to easily be identified. If you joined us last week – this will be your final week before deciding if you want to continue. After two trials you must register with us to participate.

If all trial member parents can please come a little earlier to sign in it would be much appreciated. You may set your child up in their age group first so we only have parents in the aths shed.


Please remember to wear your ID patch if you have yours already.

If you have an ID Patch to collect, could you please try to come a little earlier to collect so that we can start on time. Again, please set up your child in their age groups first and then collect. That way if you are still waiting in line – your child can still warm up and we can start on time.

If you register after Wednesday you may not have you ID patch available until the next week. All our recording sheets and ID patches are printed before or on Wednesday and not after.

Note: we are limited on our safety pins this week so feel free to bring your own or take 2 per patch.


Again, please put your hand up for a role or to help your child’s group out. No age group can commence unless they have an Age Group Leader and parent helpers.

If you want to take on the role of Age Group Leader for the season and delegate the duties, please let us know via email and we will be in touch.


As some of you will be aware, we had some issues with our timing gates. Unfortunately, this did hold up the track a little last week. We may still be having some issues with the gates this week and we are waiting on a tech. If we do, please bear with us, we do have other solutions to keep the track running, however we do the very best we can in these situations. At the end of the day sometimes these things happen with technology.

Please remember we are ALL VOLUNTEERS and we do our best to provide your children with this amazing opportunity to learn and have fun. So please be kind to our Volunteers! If you are not, you may be asked to remove yourself from the precinct.


  1. NO DROP AND RUN – every child must have a parent or guardian with them. It is not a drop and run sport like others. We are obligated by law to have all athletes accompanied by an adult. Also, if you are dropping and running this does mean that you are not doing a duty, this is not far on the other parent who have had a go at a duty. So please no drop and runs.

  2. NON-CONTACT SPORT – Athletics is a non-contact sport. Please consider keeping an eye on your children when they are warming up or waiting in line etc. Hand need to be kept to themselves so that athletes aren’t hurting each other. Please have a talk with your athlete around this topic prior to Friday night.

  3. TRACK RULES – can everyone please be aware of the track when crossing. We have races running all night and people and athletes are crossing without looking and impeding on the athletes who are competing. Can we also be aware of the timing gates and the timing table. The gates themselves are worth a lot of money so they are not to be touched by anyone other than authorised people and please keep clear of the gates at all times as the sensors can pick up the movement and record times during a race. Can we please keep clear of the timing table also. It is stressful enough when they gates aren’t working correctly but we don’t need extra people blocking the view or the athletes when trying to time.

  4. ATHS SHED – can we please keep children out of the little athletics shed. We have a lot of equipment in there and we would hate for a little one to pick up a 5KG shot put or discus and drop it on themselves or anyone else. So, for safety reason, please make sure your children aren’t in the aths shed.

  5. BE KIND – it is with a heavy heart that this needs to be said as it is only week 2, however please be kind. Again, we are all volunteers and we do the best we can. Athletics is NOT like every other sport. It is not Footy or Basketball where you can drop off and pick up or a sport that only runs for an hour. On average aths is 1.5 hours – sometimes can be 2 hours depending on the events and how efficiently the athletes are getting through each event. Yes, sometimes we have track issues, sometimes events like high jump will take a while. But this is what the sport is. It isn’t for everyone and if it runs too late for you – that is ok. You are welcome take your child home at any stage. However, for those how wish to participate, we need your help to run athletics. There are close to 200 members usually by the time registrations finish and we have 9 committee members. We can’t do it alone. We are working hard in the background trying to better the competition for our families and training will be provided. But if you wish to have something to say, please make it constructive otherwise we may be asking you to run little aths :)

We are looking forward to another great meet - although the weather is looking to be a little cooler again!

See you all at Jack Eddy!

EMA Committee

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