Covid Restrictions for Competition

As the states have started to open up, so has the allowance of community sport in NSW.

Thankfully with this we have now been able to start competition at EMLAC. While greatly welcomed news, there does come with it even more restrictions.

As you may all be aware of we do run in NSW although we are affiliated with the Little Athletics Victoria association. With this comes the juggle of working with both states in regards to Covid rules and regulations.

In order for us to hold competition in NSW we do need to abide by the NSW Covid protocols that have been set for us by LAVic. You can find all LAVic rules, regulations and protocols on their website. This means that we can only have fully vaccinated people over the age of 16 attend our centre on any training or competition meet.

Children under the age 16 who are not vaccinated may still participate in little aths, however the person/s who is supervising them must be fully vaccinated.

Please be reminded that we do have a NO drop and run policy enforced by LAVic.

These Covid vaccination restrictions will last until December 1 where the NSW road map is due to open up to all vaccinated and non vaccinated people.

We ask that you please keep in mind that all of us at EMLAC are volunteers, we don't make the rules, however in order to be able to provide our children with an opportunity to participate in sport, these are the rules we need to abide by for now. If you have any concerns at all about the vaccination rules applied, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Apart from the vaccination rules, we do need to make sure that we QR code in upon arrival and sanitise. Please keep to social distancing where possible and masks outside do not need to be worn unless you can not social distance. Masks must be worn when inside and area such as the uniform shed.

There are general sanitisation rules that apply to athletes during events, and the officiating volunteer on each event will explain these rules to the athletes.

And finally we do ask that if you are feeling unwell at all in any way, please do not attend little athletics.

For more information on the Covid rules and protocols please visit LAVic website or contact us directly.

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