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2021/22 Season Committee

On July 14 we held our Annual General Meeting. We would like to thank our outgoing 2020/21 committee for all their hard work for the season. Covid threw a lot of curveballs at community sport but we perseverance and commitment EMLAC went ahead without too many upsets to the season.

We welcome our new 2021/22 committee and wish them well for the upcoming season.

President: Leah Smith

Vice President: Mel Micalizzi

Secretary: Rebecca Blight

Treasurer: Chris Kadri

Registrar: Nicole Fraser

General Committee

John Micalizzi

Phil Powderly

Cathy Carfoot

Vanessa Haw

Sarah Garret

In light of our new committee we are seeking help from our members for the up coming season.

What we are seeking:

Starters - we are in need of some new members to become our meet day starters. There is a Starters Course that you will need to complete and we will notify dates of the course once we receive them. If you are interested in becoming a starter please email your interest to

On Track Coordinator - our on track program is the program ran for our U6 athletes. If you are interested in being a coordinator please email us your interest.

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