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Latest Covid Memos from LAVic

Registration and Covid 

There have been new rules set in place for the return to little athletics. As we run in NSW we need to adhere to the rules set in place for NSW centres as directed by LAVic.

The current rules are:

Until December 1st (providied the government doesn't change the rules before) All adult attendees, volunteers and children age 16 and above need to be fully vaccinated. Proof of your vaccination status will be required upon entry when you QR code in.

Children aged 15 years and under may participate in little athletics, however they need to be supervised by a fully vaccinated adult.

After December 1st, according to the NSW road map, all community sport will open up to all fully vaccinated as non vaccinated people.

NO drop and run scenario please as part of the LAVic policy all children need to have a supervisor.

Our centre is affiliated with Little Athletics Victoria (LAVic). This means that LAVic take a portion of our membership fees in order to operate. In regards to their refund policies and covid they are currently working on putting a policy together, however it is not yet available.

If you have registered your child prior to the announcements of the covid rules and wish not to continue your membership. Please contact Little Athletics Victoria and discuss your options.


Reminder that if you are a new to little athletics, you need to register as a trail athlete. By registering this way, you are not committed to paying anything until your two trials are up and you are covered by LAVic insurance.


When you fill in your returning membership you are prompted with an invoice and an option to PAY NOW or PAY LATER. You can opt to PAY LATER. You will receive a reminder to pay from LAVic prior to the season commencment. As long as your membership is paid prior to commencement of EMLAC, your athletes details still get processed into our system. This is another option that may help with the uncertainty of Covid and commencement dates at the moment. This way you are not paying your membership until you know the centre is definitely commencing.

Our own reassurance is that the season will commence this year - it is just dependent on when due to the government restrictions. It will be a case of the season possibly looking a little different to normal seasons - but we will have a season non the less.

If you have any question at all, we are always happy to help and discuss your concerns. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you need to.

COVID-19 Safety Guidlines

These guidelines are changing regularly. Please keep up to date with the current regulations and government directives.

NSW Off of Sport NSW Sport  |  Victorian Government




  • Stay away if you are feeling sick or unwell.

  • Upon entry parents MUST sign in via the QR CODE provided they are using their mobile device. Once scanned you will follow the prompts to sign in. Athletes do not have to sign in.

  • Adults will also need to provide proof of their fully vaccinated certificate.

  • Entry is strictly via the front gate at the start of the canteen building from the carpark.

  • Strictly no DROP AND RUN while athletes are participating.

  • Remain in spectator areas, DO NOT GO ONTO THE TRACK OR FIELD AREAS. (unless you are rostered on to be an event or age group leader).

  • Maintain physical distancing. Physical distancing does not apply to our athletes as they fall under “on the field play”, however we encourage no physical contact between athletes where possible.

  • Please adhere to the gathering rules and restrictions as set by NSW government and LAVic.

  • Adhere to and follow directions from the Covid Safe Officials or EMLAC committee members.

  • No athletes or guardians are to enter the EMLAC shed at any time during the course of competition. Authorised personnel only.



Athletes and competition

  • Stay away if unwell.

  • If you have your own equipment you are encouraged to bring it along to use. 

  • Sanitise hands upon entry.

  • Head straight to your age group marker and hang out with your friends until we start. You don’t need to sign in at the entry point.

  • Have your own drink bottle, towel, hat.

  • No physical contact with others, no shaking hands, high fives or hugs.

  • After each throw, please sanitise your hands.

  • Your group leader will help you move around to all your events.




Officiating and parent helpers

  • We have appointed our CSO that will direct all our volunteers on what is needed in regards to running a safe and compliant competition

  • It is not a current requirement of our parent helpers to have done this, however we encourage if you are interested, in completing the Covid Infection Control Training. You can do so at this link HERE. It is very short and easy to do. If you do complete this training, please email your certificate of completion to so we have knowledge of your completion.

  •  Please bring your own drink bottles, towel, hat etc.

  • Duties will include officiating an event ie; measuring and recording. Sanitising equipment between each use and between each age group. With events such and long and triple jump and the use of rakes and the like, gloves will be provided to use and help with sanitisation.

  • All detailed information will be provided by our CSO and a roster of duties will be allocated to each family throughout the season.


For any more information or questions on our Covid safety protocols and plan please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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