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The State Combined Events Championships take place over two days at Lakeside Stadium.

The Combined Events consists of between five and seven separate disciplines.  Events consisting of five disciplines will be held on one day.  Events consisting of more than five disciplines will be held on two consecutive days.  The following tables outline the disciplines for each age group and the day the discipline will be held.

X   = One day event, X1 = First day of two day event, X2 = Second day of two day


Who can Compete?

Boys & Girls                 Competes on

U9 - U11                         Saturday

U12 - U13                       Sunday

U14 - U17                       Saturday and Sunday

Note: U14 - U17 events are held over 2 days due to the number of events in which the athletes compete.



Entry Fee: TBA


Athletes are awarded points based on their performance in each discipline.

Note: U15 and eligible U16 athletes competing in the Combined Events, which is a qualifier for the Australian Little Athletics Championships Combined Events, will use the same points system, as per the IAAF Men’s and Women’s Combined Events tables.



Please refer to the timetable to identify the Athlete Check In and Call Room times for your Age Group’s first event.  Note that start times have been staggered so that not all age groups are required at the same time. The final timetable is based on final entries for each age group and is subject to change based on actual numbers of participating athletes on the day.


Track Meet Mobile is a platform which connects with our results platform for State Championship Competitions. This mobile application is made for Android and Apple devices. Please note that to get results, you need to pay either the $1.99 monthly fee, or $8.99 yearly. If you do not wish to pay, you will be able to see the schedule of events and athletes. 

Live results are also available during the event via the Little Athletics Victoria Website.


Entry Terms & Conditions

  • No refunds

  • Late entries are not permitted

  • No smoking at the venue

Date: 20th & 21st January 2024

Venue: Lakeside Stadium

Open to: U9 to U17 Registered Athletes

Entries Close: TBA


At any Regional or State event there are strict uniform guidelines that need to be adhered to. You much present in centre approved uniform and no unapproved branding or logos larger than 40mm x 40mm. For the full brief of uniform requirements for Regional and State events please click here.

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