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Open Days are carnivals run by other centres around the state. Athletes are invited to compete and it is a great way to experience other competitions and make new friends and it is lots of fun. These carnivals also give you a slight insight to preparing for regional and state competitions.

Echuca Moama Centre will be invited to most open days within the Northern Country Region, however you are not limited to this region and can enter any carnival in any region if you wish.

Most carnivals will ask you to enter via your Restuls Hq portal, however most will also have a manual option via a nomination form. If you have any enquires about entering any carnival, we suggest you contact the centre running the carnival directly for more information.

There is usually an entry fee per event and payment will be required before the centre confirms your entries.

Keep a look out on the LAVic open day calendar and also the Northern Country Region Facebook page for more information and dates.


Alternatively if you have any questions you can call Leah Smith 0458 504 744 from EMLAC who will be able to steer you in the right direction. 

You can also find details on events open on our home page in Upcoming Events.

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