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Stawell Gift

As part of the 2021 Stawell Gift Carnival, Little Athletics Victoria will return to Central Park for our 10th consecutive year and will be conducting five handicap events: 100m Boys, 100m Girls, 400m, 800m & 1600m.

An excellent chance for our registered and financial little athletes to run at the famous Stawell Gift & to get up close to some of the best professional runners on the circuit.

Date: TBC

Location: Central Park, 10-18 Main St, Stawell VIC 3380

Entries Open: TBC

Entries Close: TBC



To enter each individual event (ie.100m) an athlete must have a recorded performance at one of the below sanctioned competitions.

Sanctioned Events: 

  • School Sports Region Championships 

  • APS, AGS, GSV Finals 

  • School Sports State Championships 

  • State All Schools 2

  • School Sports Australia Track & Field Championships 

  • Australian All Schools Championships

  • Little Athletics State Combined Event Championships 

  • State Junior Championships

  • Victorian Milers Club Season 

  • Little Athletics Region Track & Field Carnivals 

  • Little Athletics State Track & Field Championships 

Considered Events:

  • Shield performances will be considered (Vic / SA only)

  • Little Athletics Centre Competition - results may be considered in special circumstances please contact for verification in considered events

The following events will not be accepted:

  • School District & School Zone competition

  • Pro running competition

  • Cross Country competition

Please note:

If you do not meet the above criteria your entry will be withdrawn for that event.
Entries are pending until verification of performance.

Why the qualification events?

LAVic is committed to running quality, credible events that are fun and fair for all competitors. At Stawell, the handicap format requires disclosure of all entering athlete’s recent performances so as to improve the accuracy of handicapping, and to provide all competitors with the best opportunity to compete on an ‘even playing field’ basis.



Available to enter & age groups permitted;
100m Boys (96 spaces) - U9 > U16
100m Girls (96 spaces) - U9 > U16
400m Mixed (150 spaces) - U9 >U16
800m Mixed (105 spaces) - U9 > U16
1600m Mixed (42 spaces) - U11 > U16


Please visit for more information.

LAVic will also bring out more information when the date gets closer.

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