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The Australian Little Athletics Championships (ALAC) is now a two-day Championships that incorporates two events - the ATC and ACEC.

The ATC is the Australian Teams Championships for the U13 and eligible U14 athletes, while the ACEC is the Australian Combined Events Championships for the U15 and eligible U16 athletes.

The ALAC is conducted as a Team based competition, where athletes score points based on:

  • Athletes Place, not performance

Individually the athletes are competing for medals, however their place determines the points that the Team receives. This is the most important component of the ALAC and the fundamental difference between this and all other National Championships.


Each of the 7 Association’s is competing for points for the ATC and ACEC. In the end, the points decide the winners of the 3 trophies that we are competing for. The points for the boys and girls are added together for the final Teams score.

  • Trevor Billingham Trophy – Overall U13 Champions

  • Allan Triscott Trophy – Handicap trophy for U13’s

  • Life Members Trophy – Overall U15 Champions


The athletes selected to represent Victoria, therefore are selected who not only can perform at their best, but more importantly form part of a committed TEAM working together to achieve the best points score and outcome for Victoria.

For more information and selection information pack visit the ALAC page on the LAVic website.

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